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Anonymous said: Hello! I just read the lyrics to Black Nut's - Beenzino, and ohmygod it's so funny! Ummm, but I'm still not sure if he's dissing Beenzino or he is truly admiring him, so can you please help me out on that! Thank you :) btw beezino ftw!

lol a lot of people seem to be confused about that…;; in a way it’s both, yet neither. if you listen to his other tracks, you’ll notice that one of black nut’s signature traits is that he knows how to make fun of himself, so he used the theme of his own ‘inferiority complex’ to express his genuine admiration of beenzino in a cheeky, ‘you lucky mofo’ kind of way. it’s purely just for fun; swings even got permission from beenzino pre-release to prevent any beef between the two. hope that answers your question~ :)

Anonymous said: the name of your tracklist?

are you referring to my blog backtrack? i’ve answered that here already, but here you go:

I. 깜빡 [Blink] (Feat. Zion. T, Crucial Star) - Gray 
II. 감아 [Hold Me Tight] (Feat. Crush) - LOCO
III. Smoke (Feat. Beenzino) - Vida Loca
V. 가 [Go] - Bobby
VI. 소문내 [Spread The Word] - Okasian
VII. 1985 - Reddy
VIII. Bulldozer - Swings
IX. Kerring Bone (Feat. E.Regular, K.Rug) - Nudens
X. How Do I Look - Beenzino

enjoy! :)

Anonymous said: do you know lyrics to black nut's 100 too?

currysushi has already translated it here, but if you’d like it written out, i’d be glad to do that for you too~